Firewood Currently Sold Out

We are currently sold out and anticipate another sale of 300 more cords later this year. Once we have those sale dates we will make that information available through the media, our website and our Facebook page. In an effort to ensure that as many older adults have access to firewood as possible, initially we will limit our final sale to those 55 and older in our community who have not purchased any firewood at any of our 2017 sales. If, after offering those who have not purchased any firewood, more wood is available, we will open the sale to those who have only purchased one cord of firewood this year. Please know we are aware this may create a hardship for some. We want as many older adults in our community as possible to have access to our low-cost firewood program as possible.

The Humboldt Senior Resource Center is committed to providing services, information, education and recreation for seniors, families and caregivers in Humboldt County.  HSRC evolves in response to a growing senior population with expanding and changing needs. We envision a caring and healthy community which encourages intergenerational relationships, recognizes the wisdom and experience of its elders and demonstrates awareness and respect for the aging process.  Call us for more information.