Services Offered

  • Redwood Coast PACE
    • Helping frail older adults to stay as healthy and independent as possible requires a partnership between these individuals and their care team. At Redwood Coast PACE each member’s health, quality of life and well-being are our top priority. We provide older adults with a broad range of
      health and supportive care services that are convenient, simple to use, reliable and well coordinated. Contact 443-9747 ext. 1230.
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    • Redwood Coast PACE quick facts
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  • Multipurpose Senior Services Program 
    • MSSP is a statewide, community-based care management program offered through the Humboldt Senior Resource Center and funded by state and federal agencies.  MSSP helps eligible frail elderly adults live at home by delaying or preventing placement in a skilled nursing facility. Contact 443-9747 ext. 3259.
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  • Adult Day Health and Alzheimer’s Services
    • Adult Day Health & Alzheimer’s Services (ADH&AS) is a licensed, daytime, therapeutic care program for adults age 18+ who have chronic physical or mental conditions. Our preventive services help participants avoid or delay placement in skilled nursing facilities, and provide family caregivers with respite. ADH&AS was established more than 30 years ago as an adult day healthcare program of the Humboldt Senior Resource Center. Contact 444-8254 ext. 3203.
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  • Nutrition and Activities
    • Friendship, activities and hot, nutritious midday meals are provided four days a week at three HSRC Dining Center locations. If you are home-bound and at least 60 years old, meals can be delivered to your home in Arcata, Eureka, Fortuna, and McKinleyville.
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  • Senior News – Download Current Issue
  • Senior Legal
    • Offering assistance with family law, housing, public benefits (SSI, CalWorks, CalFresh, IHSS, SSDI), and Veterans benefits. We also offer assistance in an in-office legal clinic setting for problems involving consumer law, debt defense, guardianship, qualified domestic relations orders (QDRO’s) and bankruptcy.
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  • Dial a Ride
    • Ticket purchase for service in the cities of Eureka, Arcata and McKinleyville are available at the HSRC Dial-a-Ride office located on the second floor. Contact 443-9747 ext. 1240.  Note: The communities of Humboldt Hill, Arcata, Manila/Samoa are now being served through HCAR. Contact their office at 443-7077 for information and tickets.
  • Senior Home Repair
    • Minor safety repairs are available to eligible residents of Eureka. Services can include basic plumbing and electrical work, installing/repairing railings, safety bars, and other safety concerns. Contact 443-9747 ext. 1240.
  • RUOK® Program
    • Are You OK? is a telephone reassurance service for residents in the greater Eureka area. This service provides daily check-ins and peace of mind for elders who live alone. Contact 443-9747 ext. 1240.
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